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Een muurschildering laten maken?

Have a mural made?

Commissioned to have a mural made? If you want to have a mural made, there are a number of things you can think about. Like the location; inside or outside,…
April 18, 2022
Graffiti-workshop: het ‘wat’ en ‘hoe’ uitgelegd

The graffiti workshop explained

The graffiti workshop: the what and how explained The term 'graffiti workshop' is used more and more often, both in a company context and during private meetings. But what are the possibilities? And what do you do now…
5 September 2019

Have a graffiti artwork made?

Do you want to have a graffiti artwork made? Do you want to have graffiti made to enrich your interior, office building, children's room, exterior wall or a public space? Then choose Graffitinetwerk, the leading street art…
June 1, 2019