Graffiti art is tough, creative and innovative

Graffiti is a challenging form of art that is increasingly used by companies. Not only to communicate an advertising message, but also as workshops and an original team outing for employees. No wonder, because the whimsical shapes and brightly colored messages make you think. This gives the space to get to know each other better as colleagues or to work out a joint business motto with the creative graffiti techniques.

The graffiti workshops as a company outing

Our workshop graffiti as a company outing is practically inserted. You will learn more about the materials, basic techniques and safety measures of experienced graffiti sprayers. After a series of individual exercises, the group works on a work of art. Collaboration is central here. From brainstorming and devising the concept to the actual end result.

Graffiti murals in the office or at home

Also, for a graffiti mural you can contact us. We translate your logo, theme or corporate identity into a striking image, made by a professional graffiti artist. Of course you are free to choose the colors, dimensions and subjects of your mural. Do you want one at home graffiti wall painting? We take care of that too! Please contact us for a tailor-made proposal.

The graffiti company of the Netherlands

Graffitinetwerk is the best known and largest street art and graffiti company from the Netherlands and Belgium. Our years of experience in making graffiti murals have already given us many assignments for nationally known companies. In addition to making advertising graffiti, we also provide workshops for companies and our professional graffiti sprayers provide murals in your company or home.

How you can use graffiti art?

Curious how you can use graffiti art? Due to the wide variation in prices, we advise you to request a quote without obligation. Contact us now and receive a response today.

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