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Out of home advertising


From 1250, - Euro

Work area

Entire Benelux


Original and striking

Promotional teams and spectaculars

Are you looking for a professional promotion team, hosts/hostesses, entertainers or a representative? brand ambassador? Then take advantage of our many years of experience in representing brands, services, products and events at home and abroad. Our entire team of motivated ladies and gentlemen obviously has excellent communication skills and a representative appearance. Make it together with our enthusiastic and driven promotion staff for your marketing campaign to leave the desired impression with your target group during a brand or product activation, in-store demonstration, conference, fair or event.

Field marketing and sampling

In addition to a promotional or advertising campaign or as a standalone marketing campaign, our promotion teams can provide your samples, testers, giveaways, merchandising or distributing flyers. This form of field marketing usually takes place in busy places such as around shopping centers, stations, fairs, festivals and events. As a calling card of your brand, our motivated and flexible professionals give a positive face to your out of home marketing campaign. Our specialized steet teams can assist during product sampling and merchandise or flyer distribution of course, to provide interested parties with relevant information about your brand, promotion or product.

Moving billboards and media bikes

With our media bikes, walking banners or billboard bikes brings us promotion team your advertising campaign is now very close to your target audience. Moving billboards come in different shapes and sizes, some examples are media bikes and promo bikes; bicycles with an advertising pillar as a trailer or a converted cargo bike with a 3d object, blow-up or inflatables. Automated vehicles such as e-bikes, Qugos, Segways and scooters with advertising signs attached to them are also possible. With these mobile shelters we can reach high-traffic locations where usually no advertising options are available. Of course, a walking billboards, bicycle shelter and mediabike campaign can be supplemented with a sampling or promotional team to generate extra attention for your brand.


In contrast to the walking beamer actions, we do not distribute images with soundvertising, but rather sound. A soundvertising campaign can be used on foot, by bicycle or from a prepared bus. Soundvertising can of course be combined with other forms of outdoor advertising such as during walking billboards, media bikes or wildlife beaming. Soundvertising is often used as a street advertisement in the promotion of concerts, films and festivals.

Practical Information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our promotion teams and spectaculars.

Production time

The preparation time for a promotion team or spectacular is approximately 7 working days, rush is possible.

Work area

We provide promotional teams and spectaculars at any location in the Benelux or beyond.

available 24/7

Promotional teams and spectaculars can be scheduled 7 days per week at a time of your choice.

All inclusive

Of course we take care of all materials and take photos during the project.


Our promotional teams and spectaculars can be personalized so that they perfectly match your corporate identity.


For a promotional team or spectacular, a license must usually be applied for.

Promotional teams and spectaculars videos

View here some videos of spectaculars and promotional teams that we provided.

Walking beamer advertising campaign for bunq.

Spectaculars for the World Championships in 2016.

Out of home advertising through a walking beamer.

Saddle covers and bicycle hangers

No country that has more bicycles per inhabitant than our cold little country, and that works out well. Even though we use the bicycle primarily as a means of transport, it can also serve as an excellent means of communication. By providing the bikes at busy locations with a bicycle hanger, bicycle flyer or saddle cover designed by you, your target group can no longer ignore you. Cyclists leave the saddle covers usually sit for a long time and ensure that your advertising message can be seen throughout the city for a longer period of time. Do you want to bring your company, brand or event to the attention in a fast, positive and effective way? Surprise your target group with a handy and beautifully printed saddle cover or a nice one bicycle hanger with your message!

Spectaculars and OOH advertising

The purpose of one amazing is to turn an object or location into a unique and high-profile advertising item and thereby generate maximum attention around your out of home advertising campaign. Spectaculars are always custom-made and are devised for, and fully tailored to, a specific location or an (existing) advertising object. For example, an existing outdoor advertising campaign on advertising pillars, bus shelters, bus shelters and billboards can be expanded with 3d buildouts, Augmented Reality, digital and interactive elements and experience-oriented add-ons. With our spectaculars you can interact with your target group and give an extra dimension to the experience of your out of home advertising campaign in a creative and striking way.

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