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Street art workshops

Due to the mix of techniques created during the street art workshops imaginative creations. Combine image, shape, structure, color and text into a unique and colorful street art work!

Banksy is probably the world's most famous street artist, but street art or stencil art has been around for much longer. Partly due to the 'pop art' of Roy Liechtenstein and the work of Andy Warhol, this form of art became known to the general public in the late 1960s. By working with stencils and templates it is possible to quickly create a visually and substantively powerful image. There are therefore more and more artists who use the street-art use technology to shape, for example, socially critical, humorous or political expressions.

The street-art workshop program

After the welcome and welcome speech from our experienced workshop teachers, the street-art workshop starts with a clear explanation about the safety and use of the materials. When all participants are wearing the protective clothing, we usually first take a group photo before we split the group into smaller groups and start the workshop. The program of this creative workshop is made up of a series of challenging exercises that increase in difficulty. After the basic techniques have been practiced, an artwork can be made individually or jointly.

The theme and the brainstorming session

To form an idea for the creations to be made, a concept is devised by means of a short brainstorming moment per group. This is also the moment when our teachers address a possible theme team building workshop to link. This can be, for example, a slogan, purpose, color, image or logo. After the brainstorming session you will create one or more templates yourself, this template is the basis of your artwork. Of course we also provide an extensive set of templates and letters so that you can let your own statement, quote, poem or feeling speak. During the street-art workshops people work on blank canvases, stretched on a stretcher. You can give the created artworks a place at home or within the company after the workshop.

The group evaluation

After this street art workshop we evaluate the work done per team / group by means of a group evaluation. Usually one of our teachers also gives his or her vision on the artworks made.

Our street art workshops can be used as a creative activity during a department outing, company outing, incentive, bachelor party, meeting break, event and as a team building workshop.

Practical Information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our street-art workshops.


We work both individually and in groups, the emphasis is on collaboration.


The minimum number of participants is 10 or the corresponding rate, there is no maximum number of participants.


We provide workshops at a location of your choice or one of our locations.

Length of time

The workshop program lasts 2 hours and can be shortened if desired.

available 24/7

The street art workshop can be scheduled 7 days a week at a time of your choice.

Workshop Leading

Supervision by on average one certified workshop teacher per 10 and 20 participants.


A theme, slogan, slogan or core value can be linked to the workshop.

Inside Outside

The workshop can be provided both indoors and outdoors, of course we cover the necessary.


You can give the created artworks a place at home or within the company after the workshop.

Street-art workshop films

View some videos of street art workshops and demos provided by us.

AVRO Street-art month video.

Street art demonstration on box wall.

Street art workshop locations

We provide our workshops mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium and can do ours street art workshop care at a location of your choice or one of our locations. Our workshops can be given both indoors and outdoors as a stand-alone activity or as part of an event, trade show or (company) party. We have various constructions with which we can create a work surface on location, but we naturally cover the environment well.

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