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That's why you hire a professional graffiti agency!

Graffiti murals and advertising paintings in public spaces, workshops spraying graffiti as a team building activity, graffiti in your home or on a garden wall, you might think of a graffiti agency. And that's true, but you can contact us for much more artistic and practical expressions. And hiring a graffiti agency whatever you need and whatever you are looking for, it has the necessary benefits. Because it is a project, as far as you are concerned. And you want this to be done properly, safely and in the not too distant future. If you hire us, we will take care of that as a professional graffiti company.

Our graffiti agency is a professional organization with specialists who ensure that the work is carried out satisfactorily, on time and safely.

Graffitinetwerk: graffiti agency since 1990

More than thirty years ago graffiti mainly an underground activity. That has now changed! From black, bold letters that you could mainly see from the train, graffiti and street art have now become art forms that can be seen and in which there is also a lot of interest.

Noël, founder of this graffiti agency, foresaw this decades ago and already took several professionalization steps back then. By the alias Graffitinetwerk Noël has associated with him about thirty, mainly all-round artists. As a full-service graffiti company, our team carries out hundreds of projects at home and abroad each year.

The benefits of hiring a professional agency

A graffiti agency is a business. A professional organization with professionals who ensure that the work is carried out satisfactorily, on time and safely. What does that mean in the world of graffiti and street art?

  • Graffitinetwerk offers a range of services that can all be traced back to graffiti. We have classified them for you in 3 categories, namely: workshops, paintings en street advertising.
  • Because we are a large team, we can handle a lot of work and carry out multiple projects at the same time. As a result, the project for which you hire us is usually quickly scheduled and/or ready.
  • Our graffiti artists are all-round and can (re)create everything imaginable, which means that we have many techniques and specialism in-house.
  • We make what the customer wants. This sounds logical and obvious, but it is not always. An individual artist sometimes wants (or can) only work in his own style. With a graffiti agency you can go in all directions. Also your side.
  • As a professional organization we pay attention to quality and the materials we use. If something is not to your satisfaction, it will be resolved.
  • We think safety is important. In our workshops, for example, all participants are given protective clothing and we work with materials approved in Europe.

We have been doing all this for about three decades now, mostly in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also increasingly outside the Benelux. Our unique digital graffiti wall in particular has attracted interest from all over Europe.

A graffiti company for workshops, paintings and street advertising?

Graffitinetwerk works with about thirty professionals, artists and all-rounders and also has a large flex pool. Companies hire us, whether or not through their marketing or advertising agency, for guerrilla marketing, a workshop or a company outing. Limit your thinking to a graffiti agency not to graffiti. You can hire our graffiti agency for workshops street art, light painting, laser graffiti, digital graffiti and also for painting workshops and, for those who really want to delve into graffiti and its history: The Graffiti Experience.

Municipalities find us, among other things, for the development of a street art route, but also for indications for traffic management or crowd management. Such as stating 1,5 meters away on paving stones and temporary direction indicators at events. This can be done by means of temporary chalk drawings, reverse graffiti (water stencils) or floor and wall stickers. We also provide anti-graffiti projects for municipalities to limit graffiti nuisance by means of a beautiful mural.

We also decorate walls indoors, for example for private individuals and other parties. Children's rooms, garage doors or walls, garden walls, or office walls of doctor's rooms. You can actually say that we are a full service graffiti company do everything for all target groups. And that in any case throughout the Netherlands and Belgium and, if requested, also in other European countries.

How do we get it done?

Years of experience. And that brings us back to the message of this story: hire a graffiti agency for your project. Your wall, floor, inside or outside, whatever you need, will be worked for you, the way you want it. And we can promise that because, like any self-respecting company, we value quality and satisfaction.

With more than 800 reviews our customers are also pleased with our business operations and our services. Add to this a tight organization, super professional and experienced artists and graffiti sprayers and you know why for your next project Graffitinetwerk hires. It is not for nothing that we have been the graffiti agency since 1990.

Graffitinetwerk is the graffiti company for…

Thousands of companies and organisations. And private individuals, of course. Among our customers you will see various banks, insurers, financial authorities, pharmaceutical companies, countless municipalities, museums, insurers, car companies, broadcasters, hotels, architects, supermarkets, schools, cultural organizations and venues, governments, healthcare organizations, in short, companies and organizations from all over society come to us for their guerrilla marketing, signing, lettering, decorating walls, organizing workshops and much more. look at it overview of our customers to get an idea for who we as street art agency all work.

Would you like to hire a graffiti agency for your project?

Do you have questions, comments or suggestions or do you want to hire a graffiti agency directly? Please contact one of our specialists. Do you need us for a branch in another country? No problem: we like to travel and have a large network of international colleagues with whom we work.

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