Our street advertising

High-profile street advertising and guerrilla marketing in the outdoor area.

Reverse graffiti

Environmentally friendly street advertising executed with tap water.

Temporary chalk expressions

Striking outdoor advertising with a very high attention value.

Street stickers

Floor and street stickers

The ground as a communication platform with our street stickers.

Promotional teams and spectaculars

Promotional teams and spectaculars

Stand out with original outdoor advertising and controversial spectaculars.


Reach your target group with a visual spectacle in the outdoor area.

Laser graffiti

Interactive eye-catcher during a brand activation or PR stunt.

Guerrilla banners

Guerrilla banners

Communicate your advertising message temporarily at an A1 location.

Rain advertising

Rain advertising

Innovative and CO2 neutral advertising only visible in the rain.

Sand and snow advertising

Sand and snow advertising

Targeted advertising especially for the winter and summer months.

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