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Optical illusions through a 3D street painting

A real crowd pleaser: that is one 3D street painting. This type of painting is made in such a way that it seems as if someone is really absorbed in the painting. As a result, it looks in the photo as if he / she is part of the artwork. For example, companies immediately bring their product or brand to life during activations and fairs and municipalities ensure interaction during events.

But what exactly can you do with such a 3D street painting in terms of marketing and promotion? And what do you actually have to imagine about the concept? We explain in this blog message.

A 3d street painting is an interactive promotional tool that can be used as a crowd puller, information carrier or marketing stunt during activations, fairs, open days, festivals and events.

What is a street painting or street drawing?

A 3D street painting is a work of art in public space; a street drawing or ground painting that the public can enjoy for free. We make these street drawings both indoors and outdoors. The supplies? Spatial insight, paint and a good dose of creativity.

The purpose of a street painting, sometimes also called ground painting or street drawing, is to create an optical illusion with perspective. At the correct viewing angle, a three-dimensional street drawing can show a depth effect, a hole in the ground or an upright object, of which you as a passer-by or visitor can be a part.

From an open street to a waterfall in a crumbled hole: we create the desired one through anamorphosis optical illusion. That is how you really attract attention! A 3d street painting is therefore real 'street-art', or art on the street.

A 3d street painting as a shopping center promotion

A 3d street painting as a shopping center promotion

Where and how can you use a 3D street painting?

A street painting is a fun promotional tool that you can use in shopping centers as an activation or crowd puller. Municipalities often use the ground painting with a three-dimensional effect as an information carrier or marketing stunt.

Of course you can use one 3D painting can also be used as an interactive element at a trade fair or event, for example by having the painting made on a temporary floor sticker. In that case, have a unique floor painting created with which the public can take a picture and where a bit of 'branding' or brand experience is applied.

We ensure that people can post their snapshots directly on social media, so that your reach is exponentially increased in just a few hours. Would you like to take it a step further with a knowledgeable promotion team that informs and encourages the public to take photos with the 3D street drawing? We can also take care of this for you.

From idea to street painting: how does the process work?

Street painting can be done on almost all surfaces. We make, if graffiti company, our ground paintings and floor drawings with acrylic and water based spray paint, making our paintings semi-permanent.

Usually stay 3d ground paintings that we place in the outdoor space for months to sometimes years beautiful. It is not possible to guarantee exactly how long a 3D street painting will last. This depends on the surface, the location, the weather and the load by the public, cars / trucks and cleaning vehicles.

We can agree with you whether you want to leave the ground painting until it wears off. If not, we will remove it with a low-pressure cleaner based on warm water after a jointly determined period.

Another possibility is to create one street drawing on special vinyl to temporarily stick it to an indoor location. If desired, we can remove both paint and vinyl creations after a certain period.

Finally, you can have a 3D painting made on a floor sticker with an anti-slip layer to use during a trade show, event or open day. This gives you a fantastic eye-catcher that undoubtedly achieves the desired 'wow effect'!

It is also possible to make the street drawing as one open walk-in workshop Can be used as an activation or during an event or opening so that the visitors can assist in making the artwork under supervision.

Photos of street drawings and ground paintings

Some photos to give an idea of ​​the possibilities and effects of a street painting or ground painting. Check out our extensive portfolio for more examples of our streetpaintings.

Want to know more about the possibilities of 3D street painting?

Wondering how you can get one 3D street painting and what the costs are? The price of a street painting is always customized. A price is calculated on the basis of the location, the size, the substrate, the desired lifespan and the complexity of the artwork to be made.

Due to the wide variation in prices, we recommend that you request a quote without obligation. Contact us now and receive information, advice or a price calculation today.

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