Create an optical illusion through an 3D street painting

A real crowd puller: that is an 3D street painting. This type of painting is made in such a way that it looks as if someone is standing in or on it. This makes it look as if he / she is part of the artwork on the photo. This way, companies bring their product or brand to life immediately and municipalities ensure interaction during events! But what exactly can you do with an 3D street painting in terms of marketing and promotion? And what should you actually imagine with the concept? We explain it in this blog.

What is an 3D street painting?

An 3D street painting is a work of art in the public space - a street drawing or floor painting that the public can enjoy for free. We make this both inside and out. The necessities? Spatial insight, paint and a good dose of creativity.

The purpose of an 3D street painting is to create an optical illusion with perspective. At the right viewing angle, a three-dimensional street drawing can show a depth effect, a hole in the ground or an upright realistic object. From a torn street to a waterfall in a crumbled hole: we create the desired optical illusion through anamorphosis. That really attracts your attention!

Where can you use 3D streetpaintings?

An 3D street painting is a playful promotional tool that you can use in shopping centers as an activation or a crowd puller. Municipalities often use the three-dimensional effect ground painting as an information carrier or marketing stunt. Of course you can also use the 3D street painting as an interactive element at a trade show or event by having the painting made on a temporary floor sticker. In that case, let a unique floor painting be created with which the public can take a picture. We ensure that people can post their snapshots directly on social media, so that your reach is exponentially increased in a matter of hours. Do you want to go one step further with a knowledgeable promotion team that informs and encourages the public to take photos with the 3D street painting? We can also take care of this for you.

Pictures of our 3d street paintings

Terneuzen awareness campaign

Terneuzen awareness campaign

Street drawing

3D street painting Zwolle

Ground painting

Street painting Fish Passage Doesburg

3d ground painting

Streetpainting Alpha College

Streetpainting Alpha College

Street drawing

Optical illusion Carnisse Veste

3d street painting

3d street painting Leidsenhage

3d street painting Leidsenhage

3d ground painting on sticker

From idea to street painting: how does the process work?

An 3D street painting can be made on almost all surfaces. We make our base paintings with acrylic and water-based spray paint, making our paintings semi-permanent. Generally, 3d paintings that we place in the outdoor area remain beautiful for months to sometimes even years. Exactly how long an 3D street painting will continue to exist, however, cannot be guaranteed. This depends on the subsurface, the location, the weather and the load on the public, cars / trucks and cleaning trucks. We can, however, agree with you whether you want to leave the floor painting until it wears out. If not, we will remove this with high pressure / hot water after a jointly determined period.

Another possibility is to make a ground painting on special vinyl to temporarily stick it on an indoor location. If desired, we can remove both paint and vinyl creations after a certain period. Finally, you can have an 3D street painting made on a floor sticker with an anti-slip layer to use during a trade show, event or open day. This gives you a fantastic eye-catcher that will undoubtedly achieve the desired 'wow effect'!

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