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Street art in restaurants, clubs, hotels, cafes and shops

Just imagine: you are eating out at a Cuban restaurant and the location has unique features street-art murals created a complete Little Havana. Including 'dilapidated' houses, balconies, characteristic portraits and the colors of the Cuban flag. This ensures a complete experience and is guaranteed to put a visitor to the location in the right mood.

The professional street art artists of Graffitinetwerk specialize in the met street-art creating a suitable atmosphere in clubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes and shops.

Our street-art murals are all unique eye-catchers that, in addition to adding atmosphere to your business, both on site and online, will ensure positive reactions, exposure and recognition.

What is a street art mural actually?

A street art mural is a large work of art that, usually with graffiti spray cans, is placed on a wall in the public space. This form of graffiti art is known from the big cities all over the world, where sometimes complete buildings are painted.

Graffitinetwerk has been providing graffiti and street-art murals as wall decoration on interior and exterior walls for more than 20 years. No wonder, because a street-art mural immediately gives a location a hip, urban look and certainly earns the necessary appreciation from your guests.

Who choose street art murals?

Many of the companies listed below consciously opt for a modern and daring look. After all, you have to have some guts to make a complete wall of sometimes meters high and meters wide through our graffiti artists painted.

In recent years we have been able to make the most diverse murals for many different companies and organizations. For an impression of our work, look in our extensive portfolio with murals.

In this article, we would like to highlight a specific group that graffiti as interior decoration discovered some time ago. And those are restaurants, clubs and other catering companies. Shall we do a tour of Rotterdam?

Street art on the walls of Brasserie Lookies

For Brasserie Lookies in Rotterdam we made this large street-art work of art of a lady looking over her sunglasses. We also have texts with graffiti sprayed. The result is a hip and metropolitan look.

Street art mural Brasserie Lookies

Street art mural Brasserie Lookies

Kite Restaurant & Bar also has a hip interior

We have also been able to provide restaurant and bar Kite in Rotterdam with beautiful ones wall decoration in the form of street-art murals. The large, green leaves with the pink flowers fit perfectly into the contemporary interior of the business and give it that important unique touch. We have also incorporated the Kite logo, which serves Afghan dishes, into the artworks.

Murals at restaurant Kite in Rotterdam

Murals at restaurant Kite in Rotterdam

Graffiti art as a theme at Club Vandal in Rotterdam

With such a name, as a club / restaurant you almost owe it to your guests to create an urban atmosphere. For Vandal we made colorful ones in various places in the interior street art paintings in which the name of the restaurant has been incorporated in various ways.

Street art murals at club Vandal in Rotterdam

Street art murals at club Vandal in Rotterdam

Street-art decoration paintings at Finca in Kralingen

Finca is located in the heart of Kralingen. Here they serve authentic recipes from the Spanish and South American kitchen. Food that makes you happy, or 'soul food' as they call it at Finca. The Spanish slant and the soul food theme have also been elaborated in the street art that perfectly matches the interior graffiti murals.

Street art paintings

Street art paintings

The possibilities of street art are virtually unlimited

Are you already getting inspiration from these examples of street art in the hospitality industry? Or are you looking for something else? We also fit a lot in the cafes, restaurants and canteens chalk drawings such as this stylish chalk mural in the restaurant of the RAI in Amsterdam. The paintings seem to have been made with chalk, but in reality the images are painted so that they cannot be smudged.

Chalk painting in RAI company canteen

Chalk painting in RAI company canteen

For festivals and events we regularly paint sets and objects. For example, check out the work we made for a Circus Mortale event.

Decor painting Circus Mortale

Decor painting Circus Mortale

Or you immediately give your restaurant the right atmosphere with Eastern or South American influences. At Japas in Nijkerk we provided this oriental-looking mural.

Mural oriental restaurant Japas

Mural oriental restaurant Japas

It can also be more graphic, such as at Olive63 or Urban Ocean in Amsterdam. And then of course there are the possibilities that blacklight paintings this gives an enchanting effect, especially in clubs. By the way, we also do custom wall prints and photo wallpaper.

And those are only the possibilities that we have already implemented for our customers. We are curious about the ideas for a mural or street-art mural in your restaurant, bar or club! View an overview of the different types paintings that we offer or read more about how you can order a can have a mural made.

What does a street art painting cost?

The cost of our murals as you will understand, are entirely dependent on the size of the work, where the location is, the level of detail, the level of difficulty and what techniques we are going to use.

We always deliver custom work and ensure that every painting becomes a unique work of art that is completely tailor-made for your company or organization by the best graffiti artists of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Do you also get hungry for one for your catering business wall painting that will instantly transform your interior into a colorful eye-catcher? And that will certainly provoke reactions from guests, live on location but also on social media? Then inquire about the possibilities without any obligation.

Want to know more about our street art murals?

Do you have ideas or questions about the possibilities that our street-art murals offer? Let us know, we are happy to think along about the possibilities without obligation.

Due to the wide variation in prices, we advise you to request advice or a price calculation without obligation via our contact page. Contact us now and receive a response today.

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