Guerrilla marketing: how, what and why ...

Guerrilla Marketing: It is a common term that requires explanation. What exactly does this term mean? And what can you do with it in terms of marketing and advertising? We explain it in this blog. Bold and original: that is guerrilla marketing no doubt. These are often unique, tailor-made promotions for brands, products, advertising campaigns or activations.

The idea is to surprise and surprise the audience with something it has never seen before. Or at least with a non-standard form of advertising. In contrast to traditional magazine advertisements, this marketing expression must come very close to the people. Sometimes it is even a true experience. Because of this premise, guerrilla marketing often balances on the edge of what is and is not allowed. Nevertheless, more and more leading companies and brands are taking the plunge. Because guerrilla marketing is undeniably effective.

From chalk utterances to beam vertising: what forms does guerrilla marketing take?

There are various forms in which companies can put guerrilla marketing into practice. Temporary chalk expressions for example, can be very effective. With certain techniques, it is possible to make logos, texts and images visible in the streets through temporary chalk advertising. This form of street advertising catches the eye and is therefore excellent for promoting a product, event, trade show or store. From a legal point of view, chalk expressions fall into a gray area, but in general they are accepted, provided the campaign is well thought out.

In addition, it is possible to project an image from our mobile wildbeam unit. This form of guerrilla marketing, also known as beam vertising, makes it possible to project static or moving images onto buildings or objects. Certainly in the evenings, such an advertisement is of course much more noticeable than a traditional billboard - especially if you opt for a striking image. The audience walking or driving by will be pleasantly surprised, so that your message will be engraved in their memory. It is also possible to use one wildbeam campaign running as shown in this video;

Do you prefer to keep both feet on the ground? Then use the floor or pavement as a means of communication, for example through 3D street painting or flooring street stickers to bet. Many people like to see where they walk. That is why the land is a very suitable location for an advertisement. Effective forms of guerrilla marketing within this category are signposting or eye-catchers during trade fairs and events.

Do you want to tackle it even bigger, for example in the context of a PR stunt or a brand launch? Then laser graffiti can offer a solution. This is used to draw on a building in the dark with a laser application. Rainy days are a fantastic option on drizzly days. With this option, your message will only be visible on the ground when it rains.

Examples of guerrilla marketing campaigns

Fireworks campaign municipality of Utrecht

Fireworks campaign municipality of Utrecht

Wildbeam campaign Dua Lipa

Cretaceous route municipality of Dronten

Awareness of street waste

Beamvertising Aidsfonds

Fysius street advertising

One expression, lasting effects

Above we have the most common types of guerrilla marketing discussed. Of course we also come up with guerrilla stunts and spectaculars tailor-made which are fully attuned to your wishes, target group and message. For a complete overview, take a look at the practical examples in our extensive portfolio. All forms offer an unforgettable experience. This means that your campaign, brand or product will also remain in the memory of the public. And that's what guerrilla marketing is all about in the end!

Interested in guerrilla street advertising?

Generally it is not possible to apply for a permit for guerilla marketing. That is why it is essential that you take a subtle and thoughtful approach to an action. Graffitinetwerk is specialized in this. Every year we run hundreds of successful advertising campaigns for international brands, local entrepreneurs and government institutions. With our experience, we can estimate well in advance what is and what is not possible when deploying a guerrilla outdoor advertising campaign.

Want to know more about our guerrilla marketing?

Curious how we can support your brand, product, event, advertising campaign or activation with an original guerrilla marketing campaign? A price is calculated based on your wishes, the type of campaign, formats, locations and the desired duration of visibility. Due to the wide variation in prices, we advise you to request a quote without obligation. Contact us now and receive a response today.

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