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Streetpainting workshops

Have you always wanted to get started with street art? Then grab your chance now and follow our unique street painting workshop; an introduction to the world of "I Madonnari".

Streetpainting is originally an Italian art form from the sixteenth century and was created by the artists who painted the ceilings and walls of the cathedrals. When all the cathedrals were provided with drawings, these artists decided to earn their money by exposing the 'sidewalk' during events with familiar images from that time. Street painting has become a popular art form in the past 25 years. You come across them more and more often, the impressive 2d and 3d drawings on the street, often used as part of an advertising or guerrilla campaign for well-known brands.

Street painting as a creative workshop

The streetpainting workshop is extremely suitable as a teambuilding workshop or company outing, but it is also an innovative activity for groups and schools. We have developed a creative program that deals with the history, concept and basic techniques of street painting.

The street painting workshop

Depending on the available time, space and group size, a choice is made between an 2d or 3d drawing. In advance it is decided in consultation what can be made during the street painting workshops. We often work on the basis of a theme, slogan, logo or logo. After a brainstorming session we rasterize the images and divide the tasks.

All participants work together in subgroups on a joint end result. For this we use different materials, depending on the substrate. Our professional workshop teachers help the participants to create a beautiful, life-size artwork together with the street painting technique. Of course there is a moment for the group photo after the workshop in which the created creation is central.

Employability: Our street painting workshop can be used as a creative activity during a company outing, open day, company party, product activation, team building workshop or as an open walk-in workshop during an event.

Practical information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our street painting workshops.


Work is done both individually and in groups, the emphasis is on collaboration.


The minimum number of participants is 10 or the corresponding rate, there is no maximum number of participants.


We provide workshops at a location of your choice or one of our locations.

Length of time

The workshop program lasts 3 hours and can be shortened if desired.

24 / 7 available

The streetpainting workshop can be scheduled 7 days per week at a time of your choice.


Supervision by on average one certified workshop teacher per 10 and 20 participants.


A theme, slogan, slogan or core value can be linked to the workshop.

Inside Outside

The workshop can be arranged both indoors and outdoors, of course we cover the necessary.

Works of art

The street painting can be made on a temporary / loose underlay or as a permanent painting.

Street painting workshop films

View a few short videos of street painting workshops that we provided here.

Streetpainting workshops during an open day at Feyenoord.

The street painting workshop on the station square in Leiden.

Street painting as an open walk-in workshop

De street painting workshop can also be used as an open walk-in activity during an open day, event, product activation or as a shopping mall promotion. We apply a design that has been coordinated with the client in advance so that a coloring page effect is created. Naturally, a theme, message, product or slogan can be incorporated into this design. During the open walk-in activity we develop this design together with the visitors into a colorful work of art. For both young and old, making a street painting is a unique and inspiring experience.

Streetpainting workshop locations

We provide our workshops mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium and can provide one workshop street painting care at a location of your choice or one of our locations. Our workshops can be given both indoors and outdoors as a stand-alone activity or as part of an event, trade show or (company) party. If the painting may not be (semi) permanent, when we work on location, we apply a temporary intermediate layer on which the painting can be made. Of course we also cover the environment well so that no paint is left behind in unwanted places.

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Note: We use a minimum of 10 people or the corresponding rate, you may be interested in ours Workshops for individuals?

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