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Original artwork


From 750, - Euro


Entire Benelux


Always tailor-made

Paintings and portraits

Are you looking for a unique and custom graffiti or street art painting? Since 1990 we have been making original works of art for your home on the wall or for your office or business premises. In addition, we provide spectacular demonstrations and live-painting sessions during events and parties where we bring your brand, product or image to life in a colorful way.

Graffiti and street art artworks

Modern paintings for that empty space above the sofa or dining table, or as the start of a colorful collection. A graffiti or street art artwork is an original way to give more atmosphere or appearance to your space. Our artworks are also a very original business gift or present. A portrait of your (grand) children, a name, saying or logo, an abstract, figurative or real street art painting? Our talented artists have an eye for detail and can make or recreate anything.

Photorealistic paintings

Photorealism, also known as hyperrealism or superrealism, is a genre within painting graffiti art where reality is recreated in the most realistic way possible. Photorealistic paintings are generally (after) made on the basis of a photo or image. Our professional artists can create any desired image, such as a portrait of a loved one or a see-through (trompe-l'oeil) in which a natural landscape or a sunset can be seen.

When making one graffiti painting on canvas we naturally use high-quality linen that can be stretched in any desired size. An advantage of working on canvases is that you can hang the artwork on another wall or take it with you to a new location. A photo-realistic work of art makes every room special!

Practical Information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our portraits and paintings.


The concept for the artwork is made in consultation and fully tailored to your wishes.


There is no limit to the format, but the transport options must be taken into account.

Work area

We take care of our paintings at any location in the Benelux or beyond.


We work on wooden panels as well as on stretched polyester, canvas or linen canvases.


In connection with our quality standard and color guarantee, we always work with our own materials.


We can (re) create everything and master every conceivable style, including abstract, figurative and photo-realistic.

Production time

The production time depends on your wishes, we can estimate this in advance.

available 24/7

A painting or live painting can, at a time of your choice, be scheduled 7 days per week.

All inclusive

Of course we take care of all materials and we take photos of the process and end result.

Paintings and portraits movies

View here some videos of paintings and portraits we have taken care of.

Street art paintings for the NOS Sportgala.

Paintings made by our drawing robots.

A short video from AVRO about street art.

Portraits made by our drawing robot

No real graffiti or street art but very original; a portrait or image recreated by our drawing robot. Penstrip art is a technique in which a photo, portrait, logo, product or image is copied by a drawing robot, resulting in a unique work of art consisting entirely of lines and patterns. This relatively new art form is ideal for creating original prints for the wall of your office, children's or living room. Of course we tailor the drawing style and the use of color based on your wishes, a house style or a color scheme.

View all our paintings

We provide a wide range of paintings, decorations and live art, view our complete range.