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Digital graffiti spraying

Digiffiti (digital graffiti)

Our digital graffiti wall has been developed to entertain, excite or involve visitors to events, fairs, congresses and parties in a creative and original way. Digital graffiti spraying you can do without paint splashes or spray mist under the guidance of real graffiti artists with our interactive graffiti wall.

How does the digital graffiti wall work?

De digital graffiti wall works with special aerosol cans that, instead of paint, emit an invisible infrared light that communicates with the technology behind the digiffiti wall. A big advantage of working with this infrared technique is that no paint smell or paint mist is involved. Nice is that the characteristic hissing sound of the aerosol can be heard during spraying. The digiffiti technique has been developed by graffiti artists with more than 20 years of experience to keep the experience as realistic as possible.

Adjusting and branding

Our graffiti wall can be customized to match your brand, corporate identity, event or product. Usually we place the logo of the customer, the product or the event as an overlay in the top right corner. The overlay cannot be sprayed over, it always remains visible and in the foreground. Also when the creation is printed, sent by e-mail or shared on social media. In the graffiti wall Previous own backgrounds or line drawings are inserted so that the visitors work within a predetermined framework or theme.

Digital graffiti spraying

The digital graffiti application has a wide color palette with all conceivable colors. The line thickness, line type and degree of transparency can also be set. A wide range of templates, stamps, moving animations, backgrounds and an overlay are used to place a logo, logo or message. In addition to the employability as side entertainment or open walk-in activity, we can also use the graffiti wall also provide spectacular demonstrations in which we bring your brand, product or theme to life in a creative and inspiring way!

Applicability of the digital graffiti wall

The graffiti wall is often used during:

  • corporate events and parties
  • product and brand activations
  • congresses and meetings
  • trade fairs and days
  • opening acts

We take care of our digital graffiti wall weekly during events in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In addition, we regularly use our interactive graffiti wall during events, fairs, congresses and product or brand activations in France, England, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Denmark and Portugal. Of course we also work outside Europe, as shown in our extensive portfolio.

Practical information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our digital graffiti.

Work area

We provide our digital graffiti wall at any location you choose in Europe or beyond.


The digiffiti wall can be customized by adding backgrounds and an overlay with a logo.


The screen has a format of 3,3 × 2,7m (WxH), behind the screen ± 1,5m is needed for the technology.


The creations can be sent directly by e-mail, shared on social or printed on glossy A6 photos.

available 24/7

The digital graffiti wall can be used seven days a week at a time of your choice.


The number of artists or accompanists is adjusted to the number of expected visitors.

Length of time

The duration of this activity is adjusted in advance to the duration of the event.

Inside Outside

In principle, the graffiti wall can only be used indoors in spaces where it is not too light.

All inclusive

We provide all materials, the only thing that we need on site is a normal power point.

Digital graffiti films

View a few short films of digital graffiti walls that we have taken care of here.

Digital graffiti for Philips in the Rijksmuseum.

Digiffiti wall Citroën during Hed Kandi event.

Digital-graffiti wall EIT-ICT-Labs.

The photobooth function

In addition to digital graffiti spraying, it is also possible to activate the photo booth function of the graffiti wall. Our photographer will then take photos of the visitors during your party, fair or event, after which they will be shown directly on the graffiti wall. Your guests can then personalize their own photo by adding text, templates or moving animations to create unique and often funny creations. The edited photos can be posted from the graffiti wall to social media or printed directly on glossy photo paper. The greenscreen or photo booth function is carried out next to or in front of the graffiti wall.

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