What is possible with gobo projections

Project an action, offer or logo in your shop or business space? Would you like to indicate with light where the fitting rooms, toilets or cash registers are? Would you like to display a logo on your business premises in the evening and at night? Go for one gobo projection and let the team of Graffitinetwerk help you get the most out of this.

The creative possibilities with gobo projections are endless, both indoors and outdoors, near or far and even at great heights.

What is a gobo projection anyway?

A gobo projection is a light projection through the use of a special projector lamp, which is called a gobo projector. You can think of it as a kind of tattoo with light, projected on a building or other object. The term 'gobo' probably comes from 'Go Black Out'.

The principle of the gobo projections comes from the theater world. A die-cut slide is placed in a projector, with which the beam of the spotlight is adjusted, so that you obtain a specific shape. The light is blocked by the parts covering the lens in the projector and passes through the uncovered parts.

Modern gobo projections are ideal as advertising on a specific location, on the facade of a building or in your company. In your shop or company you can effectively use gobo projection as temporary signage or to draw attention to a specific product.

The creative possibilities with gobo are endless, even at great heights. Today, the gobo itself usually consists of a glass slide in which the projection to be projected is made using laser technology.

Light design

Example of a light design

What kind of gobo projections are possible?

A lot is possible in the field of gobo projections, but also a number of things are not in comparison with 'normal' projections. You can compare it a bit with window stickers, where you have to cut out the image or your logo. As subject for one gobo projection images, texts, symbols or logos are particularly suitable.

The main advantage of gobo projections is that they are super sharp. With the right gobo and the matching projector you get a great effect, which will have a huge impact on employees and visitors. Gobo projectors can be set by means of a timer so that they switch on and off independently.

What you have to take into account when projecting

  • Gobo projections basically consist of one color
    Almost all gobo projections consist of one color, usually bright white on a dark background. There are possibilities to add color to gobos, but then you need custom projectors. It is also possible to change color by means of a connected timer from gobo.
  • A gobo projection is static
    You have to take into account that a gobo is a die and therefore gives a static image. Optionally, you can show several projections in a row, as a kind of slide show. Then it is also necessary to make multiple gobos
  • During the day, gobo projections are often difficult to see outside
    Gobo projections are best used outdoors when it is dark. Gobo projections can almost always be used indoors. Such as in shops, during events and on the exhibition floor.
  • Gobos look best on straight surfaces
    You often see Gobo projections against a wall, wall or against the facade of a building. With such straight surfaces, the projection is best and sharpest. A gobo projection can also be on a round or on an irregular shape like the leaves of a tree, but that can give a stretched effect.
  • A projector is involved
    A projector is required to display a projection. We must place this at a point to be determined in front of the building or the wall or in the shop window so that the projector can project outside on the pavement. Of course, there must also be a power connection here. Often the projector is placed on a post in the form of a pole for alignment and alignment with the building or object, which also prevents theft of the equipment.
  • A gobo projection is relatively inexpensive
    A high-quality gobo projector is relatively cheap to purchase and will easily last for 30.000 hours.
  • Please observe the local rules
    Depending on the municipality where you want to use your gobo projection, you may owe a pre-payment. But don't worry, we can advise you about this at Graffitit network.

Or choose beam vertising or wild beaming

Another option that also works with projection is beamvertising, sometimes called wild beaming. We project figures, images and even videos onto buildings or other objects. Everything full-color in HD with the number of ansi lumens adjusted to the location and distance to the object.

The technology behind beam vertising is different from that of gobo projection, so the possibilities are more extensive, but more equipment and technology is also required.

Examples of Gobo projections

Some photos to give an idea of ​​the possibilities and effects of the gobo projections. View our extensive portfolio for more examples of gobo projections.

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