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Temporary street markings

Outdoor advertising with high attention value and a variable lifespan.

Temporary street markings

Bring your (advertising) message to the attention of your target group in a striking and effective way with our temporary street markings. Temporary street markings stand out in the street scene and, unlike reverse graffiti, can be applied to any desired surface. This form of outdoor advertising is often used as information provision, route indication or as promotion of, for example, a product, store, fair or event. Based on the desired visibility or lifespan of the advertising expression, the type of chalk and the color are determined in consultation.

With our temporary street markings we can make your message visible at outdoor locations where traditional media are often not available. We take care of campaigns at any location of your choice in the Benelux or beyond. We mainly work in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, but we also regularly carry out our activities in other European countries. Our street advertising campaigns can be scheduled 7 days a week, 365 days a year. These campaigns are usually run at night or early in the morning. The chalk we use is not harmful to the surface or the environment.

Street markings as outdoor advertising

Based on your wishes, the purpose of the campaign, the target group and the location(s), we can give advice on the number of advertisements to be placed. During the preparation of the project, we determine the exact locations, areas and cities in consultation so that the expressions can be strategically placed and the best exposure is achieved. It is often decided to place advertisements around busy shopping streets, stations, bus and tram stops, ATMs, crossing points or around specifically chosen locations that are valuable for the visibility of your campaign.

Because the attention of a pedestrian must be drawn in a short moment and people usually do not stop to read a message on the ground, we do not recommend using complex images, unclear design or (too) much text. It is advisable to keep the design of the advertisement as clear and simple as possible so that the message is clear at a glance to the pedestrian passing the advertisement.

Reverse graffiti or chalk expressions?

A campaign in which a large number of temporary street markings have to be placed with chalk in a relatively small area can result in complaints from, for example, local residents or the municipality. Depending on the number of desired placements and your wishes regarding the positioning of the expressions, in most cases we can estimate the sensitivity to complaints in advance. If you think using a chalk graffiti campaign is too much of a risk, reverse graffiti may be a better alternative for you. With the reverse graffiti technique we spray warm water with high pressure through a stencil. The contrast this creates on the surface makes your advertising visible. The disadvantage of reverse graffiti is that this technique can only be used on a limited number of surfaces.

  • Striking outdoor advertising
  • Can be used throughout the Benelux
  • From: €950 (excl. VAT)
  • More detail
temporary advertising

Possible visibility duration

Depending on the desired visibility period, we choose the type of chalk that best approaches this in consultation. The choice consists of the indicative lifespan of; days/weeks or months (semi permanent). The chalk with a lifespan of days/weeks will quickly fade when it rains. If a longer visibility period is desired or the advertisement must be visible for a specific period, chalk should be chosen that will remain in place for months. Depending on the location and the load of the advertisement, the visibility period of this product can exceed one year.

If posted expressions should no longer be visible after a specific date, we may remove them. The exact lifespan of a chalk expression cannot be predicted in advance because it depends on the surface, the weather, the type of place and the load on the expression by, for example, traffic or cleaning trucks. The indicative lifespan has been determined based on 20 years of experience. Because it concerns an outdoor product, it is not possible to guarantee the feasibility of the estimated lifespan.

Reverse graffiti

Regulations regarding street markings

Temporary chalk expressions as street markings fall into a gray area in terms of legislation and regulations. It is therefore generally not possible to apply for a permit for this form of outdoor advertising, which is why we always carry out such campaigns as 'guerrilla marketing'. When carrying out a guerrilla marketing campaign, a subtle and thoughtful approach is necessary to prevent any complaints. Naturally, we specialize in this with more than 20 years of experience and we help you determine the locations and the further approach to implementing the campaign. When the action is initiated for (or in consultation with) a city, municipality or province, or around a public or common goal, it is sometimes possible to apply for permission or a permit.

Behavioral influencing and nudging

Behavioral influencing and nudging

Nudging is a technique that subtly influences behavior and stimulates certain choices or actions. This technique can be seen as giving a 'push' in the desired direction. A well-known example of nudging is the depiction of a fake fly in urinals so that men no longer urinate next to the pot.

This form of influencing behavior can also be applied when using outdoor advertising campaigns in the form of (temporary) street markings. For example, through chalk expressions that show (temporary) routes, indicate where you are/are not allowed to park your bicycle or draw attention to (un)desirable behavior regarding waste separation and the placing of waste around waste containers.

Temporary street marking videos

Watch some videos here of temporary street markings we provide.

Temporary chalk expressions campaign in Brussels, Belgium.

Reverse graffiti advertising as guerrilla marketing.

A sand print as a temporary advertisement.

FAQ and practical information

Practical information and frequently asked questions about our temporary street markings.

  • What are the costs for temporary street markings?

    For the provision of temporary street markings, a target price of EUR 10 excluding VAT is applicable for 1 placements (or less) in 950 city. Because the exact price depends on various factors such as the number of placements, the format of the template and the locations/cities, we recommend that you request a price calculation without obligation via our Contact page. We are flexible and like to think along with you about the possibilities, even if you have a limited budget.

  • The regulations on guerrilla marketing, is a permit required?

    This form of outdoor advertising falls into a gray area in terms of legislation and regulations. It is therefore usually not possible to apply for a license for this form of advertising, which means that we always carry out such campaigns as 'guerrilla marketing'. When conducting a guerrilla marketing campaign, a subtle and thoughtful approach is necessary to prevent any complaints. Of course we are specialized in this with more than 20 years of experience and we think along with you when determining the locations and the further approach to executing the campaign.

  • How long do temporary street markings remain visible?

    Depending on the desired duration of visibility, we will consult with you to choose the type of chalk that best approximates this. The choice consists of the indicative lifespan of; days/weeks or months (semi permanent). The exact lifespan of a street marking cannot be predicted in advance because it depends on the surface, the weather, the type of location and the load on the expression by, for example, traffic or cleaning vehicles. Read more about the type of chalk and the lifespan.

  • Which formats are possible?

    For our reverse graffiti, chalk expressions and rain advertising campaigns, we usually use a template with a size of approximately 1,25 m2. An expression in this format is, at the average viewing angle and walking speed, easy to oversee for pedestrians. A larger format can often not be grasped at a glance, which means that the expression misses its target. Usually a size is maintained that is around 1x100cm, but the exact size can be determined on the basis of what may be displayed (the content). We recommend keeping the design simple and clear.

  • Can chalk expressions be applied in color?

    Because the surface can differ per location in terms of color and structure, we prefer to apply temporary chalk expressions in the color white so that visibility is always optimal. If desired, chalk expressions can also be applied in a number of primary colours, namely: black, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, light and dark blue, light and dark green. Because the colors cannot be applied on top of each other because they then mix with each other, you can in principle only work with 1 color per placement.

  • Can a QR code be added?

    A QR code can be added to a reverse graffiti, temporary street marking or rain advertisement. The QR code can be placed near/next to the advertisement using a floor sticker that is specifically suitable for outdoor use. Usually a size of approximately 10x10cm is used for this so that the QR code is not too dominant but still stands out enough. Of course, the QR code can refer to a specific URL so that the interaction can be measured directly.

  • Weather conditions and surfaces

    A temporary chalk expressions campaign can be carried out if the surface is not damp, frozen or snowy. It must also remain dry for some time after placing an advertisement so that the chalk can dry/harden. We apply chalk expressions only to the floor and not to walls. The chalk we use works on almost all surfaces.

  • How long is the preparation time for a campaign?

    The preparation of a street advertising campaign takes an average of 5 to 10 working days. In consultation, this process can be accelerated by placing an urgent order, but we are dependent on how quickly we can switch with the client. Our planning is usually quite full, so it is advisable to take an option on the desired execution date or period in good time.

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