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Looking for inspiration for a graffiti children's room?

Of course, every child would love one bedroom in his or her unique style. With your own stuff and maybe also with your own name on the wall. Supplemented with an image of your favorite football player, game figure, cute unicorns, fearsome dinos, racing cars in bright colors or with sweet princesses in pastel shades. So many children, so many wishes!

Did you know that you can create the ideal children's room for him or her with a mural? In this article we would like to inspire you with examples of the most beautiful graffiti children's rooms and we provide information about the possibilities of our paintings in and around the house.

Graffiti is a unique form of wall decoration, a true work of art as an ornament in your living room or bedroom. With our graffiti & street-art paintings you give every space an original and personal atmosphere.

What does that look like, such a graffiti bedroom?

How a graffiti bedroom you determine the look yourself, whether or not in consultation with your child. Graffiti can take all forms; from the messy and colorful tags that you see on the street to very clean murals of, for example, just a name or tight graffiti letters in black and white or a beautiful image. Graffitinetwerk has been able to provide many different projects in baby rooms, children's rooms and teen rooms over the years.

A name in graffiti letters with 'something' added

Many children's rooms that we spray on commission with graffiti consist of a name or word in combination with an image or an element that suits the child. Think of a football club, hobby, idol or game figure. Supplemented with, for example, a pattern or color that is reflected in the wallpaper or the furniture. We vote ours murals of course based on the colors of the interior. Actually, nothing is too crazy. Take a look at the examples below for inspiration:

graffiti nursery name

Graffiti mural nursery Roux

Graffiti name in balloon letters

A name in street art balloon letters

Neat and cheerful wall paintings

In the nursery, people usually do not want the raw and harsh style of graffiti as you see it outside. And that is not necessary at all. Children's room graffiti we like to give a cheerful style with rounder letters and friendly colors. We can also make a wall painting very clean so that it does not look loud or wild, but more like a specially made wall sticker of a name or image. Check out the examples of these graffiti rooms:

Ajax mural

Ajax mural

Rieno as a graffiti name

Rieno his graffiti nursery

Superheroes nursery decoration

Every boy and girl wants to be a superhero deep down in his or her heart. Someone who is the center of attention, who can do everything and who everyone looks up to. We are happy to make this childhood dream come true with a unique mural of superheroes in boys 'and girls' rooms.

Some children are not enough with one superhero. We are happy to transform the entire room into one superheroes nursery. Just look at the examples of these graffiti paintings of the Hulk and Iron Man:

Hulk mural in nursery

Hulk mural in nursery

Superhero graffiti room

Superheroes graffiti wall nursery

Nursery wall mural

Is your sprout still a baby? Then you probably want a more friendly and softer look. No problem for us graffiti artists. The possibilities of our custom creations are endless. Simply let us know what kind of atmosphere or style you want and we will be happy to think along with you about a great painting for the baby's room. How about these examples of 'friendly' graffiti art in the nursery:

Winnie the Pooh nursery

Winnie the Pooh nursery

Panda wall painting

Panda 'graffiti wallpaper nursery'

Graffiti murals all around the house

Obviously we can do all of our graffiti murals also take care of outside the nursery. How about a beautiful mural in the master bedroom? A room that we give a complete theme or where we create an optical illusion by means of a view through to a tropical holiday resort or a holiday photo supplied by you?

Or a beautiful work of art on the landing, in the study, the office or perhaps in the living room? We even have beautiful ones paintings cared for on garden walls and garage doors. There are virtually no impossibilities. Do you want to be inspired by what we have provided for others? Then take a look at the recently cared for paintings in and around the house.

Ombre effect at home

Ombre effect at home

Floral wall painting

Floral wall painting

How about the safety and quality

Can we work in your children's room? Then of course we do that in a safe way. We cover everything well and we use environmentally friendly water-based paint for the graffiti nursery mural. Everything in the highest quality, so you can be sure that the painting will still be beautiful even after years. Read more about our paintings in and around the house.

What does a graffiti nursery cost

You want one have graffiti made? We provide custom-made works of art for babies, bedrooms and children's rooms from as little as €250. Do you have any questions or do you want to know more about the possibilities of our graffiti paintings in and around the house? We are happy to think along about the possibilities, please contact us for advice or a quotation without obligation.

Prefer steet-art or realistic work?

Speaks one graffiti name or graffiti letters do not suit you, no problem. We have also made many other types of murals. Take a look at the examples below of, for example, a painting in jungle style that immediately gives atmosphere to the open kitchen. We are also very proud of the street art murals. Are you more interested in a real one street art nursery, bedroom or even a street art toilet? We also have a lot of experience in this:

You see, graffiti and street art in the living room or bedroom doesn't even have to look like real street graffiti. This form of wall decoration is unique; a true work of art as a jewel in your living room or bedroom. With our paintings you give any space a unique and personal atmosphere. Check out this blog article more wonderful examples of this graffiti in and around the house.

Do you want to commission graffiti as a company?

Of course we not only work for private individuals, but we also provide services graffiti on assignment for companies, municipalities and government institutions. View the examples and read more about the possibilities of graffiti on assignment applied as advertising mural or anti-graffiti project on company walls, office and conference walls, facades and viaducts.

Learn more about our graffiti children's rooms & paintings

Do you have ideas or questions about the possibilities that our graffiti children's rooms and street art murals offer? Let us know, we are happy to think along without obligation about the possibilities of your unique wall painting.

Due to the wide variation in prices, we recommend that you request advice or a price calculation via our contact page. Get in touch now and get a response today.

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