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Graffiti workshop

The graffiti workshop as a creative company outing, teambuilding activity or meeting break? At your own location or one of our locations, we provide a cool and inspiring experience with our graffiti workshops in which creativity and team building are paramount. Of course we provide all materials, a neatly covered area and protective clothing for the participants during the graffiti workshop.

The graffiti workshop program

After a welcome and welcome from our experienced workshop teachers, the graffiti workshop starts with an explanation about the safety and use of the materials. When all participants are wearing the protective clothing, we usually first take a group photo before we split the group into smaller groups and start the workshop. The individual program of the graffiti workshops is made up of a series of challenging exercises that increase in difficulty.

Team building, theme and the brainstorm

After the basic techniques have been individually practiced, a work of art is made on blank canvas paintings. To form an idea for the creation, a concept is devised by means of a short brainstorming moment per group. This is also the moment when our teachers discuss a possible theme workshop linking, for example a slogan, color, shape, image or logo. During the workshops we work on blank canvases, of course stretched on a stretcher. After the graffiti workshop you can give the artworks a place at home or within the company.

The group evaluation

After the graffiti workshop we evaluate the work done per team / group by means of a group evaluation. Each group tells the rest of the team what the thoughts are behind the artwork made and how they came to its creation. Usually one of our teachers also gives his or her vision on the work that has been made.

Applicability of the graffiti workshop

Our graffiti workshop is often used as:

  • creative company outing
  • team building workshop
  • group, team or department outing
  • side entertainment during events
  • creative incentive program
  • original meeting break
  • hen party activity

Creative workshops on location

The graffiti workshop can be provided at a location of your choice or one of our locations. We provide workshops almost daily in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Antwerp, Ghent, Eindhoven and Den Bosch, but it is no problem for us workshops graffiti spraying in Groningen, Brussels, Enschede or Maastricht. We also regularly carry out projects outside the Benelux in cities such as Berlin, London, Stockholm, Barcelona and Paris.

Practical information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our graffiti workshops.


We work both individually and in groups, the emphasis is on collaboration.


The minimum number of participants is 10 or the corresponding rate, there is no maximum number of participants.


We provide graffiti workshops at a location of your choice or one of our locations.

Length of time

The graffiti workshop program lasts 2 hours and can be shortened if desired.

available 24/7

The graffiti workshop can be scheduled 7 days a week at a time of your choice.


Supervision by on average one certified workshop teacher per 10 and 20 participants.


A theme, slogan, slogan or core value can be linked to the workshop.

Inside Outside

The workshop can be provided both indoors and outdoors, of course we cover the necessary.


You can give the created artworks a place at home or within the company after the workshop.

Graffiti workshop films

View a few short films of graffiti workshops organized by us here.

The graffiti workshop as a team building activity.

Spray graffiti legally as a department outing.

The graffiti workshop as a creative company outing.

Safety during our workshops

We start our graffiti workshop with a clear explanation about the safety and use of our materials. Of course we cover everything well on location so that no unwanted mist remains. We have a good company insurance policy, but since 1990 we have never had to use this. Participation in our graffiti workshops is always under your own responsibility.

Protective clothing

When choosing your clothing, we recommend that spray paint can be misted and difficult to remove from clothing. Naturally, all participants receive an apron, gloves, mouth cap, shoe and sleeve protection. If you follow our explanation about the use of the materials, there will be no paint on your clothing.

Minimum age

In connection with the safety and good experience of our workshops, we use a minimum age of 10 years. It is often not possible for most children under the age of 10 to press the caps properly. This results in antics where there is a good chance that paint will get on clothing or in the eyes.

Pregnancy and spray paint

There is no knowledge in medical science about possible negative effects on pregnancy when working with spray paint. There are many women who participate in our workshops despite their pregnancy, this is a choice that everyone makes for themselves.

Only the best materials

We use only the best materials that meet the most current environmental requirements. Our spray cans are produced in Europe and are equipped with a 'low pressure' system, which ensures little spray mist during work. The paint smell is also minimized.

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