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Graffiti workshops

The creative workshop: original, challenging and completely up-to-date.

Graffiti workshops

During the graffiti workshops we introduce you to all the techniques involved in this modern and colorful form of (street) art. Under the guidance of our professional graffiti artists you will be taken into the world of 'tags' and 'pieces'. The workshop program consists of exercises that increase in difficulty, with the end result being a (joint) work of art. Following our graffiti workshop promotes creativity and collaboration and is usually experienced as very inspiring and motivating.

We provide graffiti workshops as a creative company outing, team building activity, incentive, meeting break and group, team or department outing. At your own location or one of our locations, we provide a cool and inspiring experience with the graffiti workshop in which creativity and team building are paramount. Of course we provide all materials, a neatly covered area and protective clothing for the participants during the workshop. Give your creativity free rein during the graffiti workshop and create, individually or in a team, a colorful work of art that will get a nice place on the wall.

The graffiti workshop program

After the reception and welcome speech by our workshop teachers, the graffiti spraying workshop starts with a clear explanation about safety, the use of the materials and the course of the program. When all participants have put on the protective clothing, we first take a group photo before we split the group into smaller groups and start the program. The first part of this creative activity consists of an individual program consisting of a series of challenging exercises that increase in difficulty and will be useful in creating the collective artwork.

The theme and the brainstorming session

After the basic techniques have been practiced individually, a work of art is made in a team on blank paintings. To form an idea for these creation(s), a concept is jointly devised by group by means of a brainstorming moment. This is also the time when our workshop facilitators can link a possible theme to the workshop. This can be, for example, a slogan, goal, vision or core value.

The group evaluation

After the graffiti workshop, we evaluate the created artworks by means of a group evaluation. Each group tells the rest of the team what the thoughts are behind the created artwork and how they came to the creation. Usually one of our workshop facilitators also gives his or her vision of the creations made. You can give these graffiti artworks a nice place on the wall after the workshop at home or within the company as a tangible reminder.

  • Creative team building
  • Participants: 10 to 1500
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • From: €650 (excl. VAT)
  • More detail
graffiti workshop

Graffiti workshop locations

We mainly provide our graffiti workshops in the Netherlands and Belgium and can provide this workshop at a location of your choice or one of our locations. We have various constructions with which we can create a work surface on location. When working on location, we naturally cover everything necessary so that no paint mist remains behind. The graffiti workshop can be provided both indoors and outdoors as a stand-alone activity during a group or company outing, incentive or meeting break. A graffiti spraying workshop can also be used as an open walk-in activity during a fair, event or party.

Insight in our Workshop locations

Graffiti workshop

Safety during our workshops

We start the graffiti workshop with an explanation about the safety and use of the materials. Of course, all participants will receive a mouth cap, apron, gloves, shoe and sleeve protection. We recommend that you take into account the fact that spray paint can mist and is difficult to remove from clothing when choosing clothing. If you follow our explanation about the use of the materials, there will be no paint on your clothing.

We only use the best materials that meet the most current environmental requirements. Our aerosols are produced in Europe and are equipped with a 'low pressure' system which ensures less spray mist. The paint smell is also minimized and you can even opt for the use of virtually odorless aerosols. Participation in our workshops is always at your own responsibility.

Schools and children's parties

CKV, schools and children's parties

We do not organize graffiti children's parties, but we regularly provide workshops at schools. Would you like to organize a graffiti children's party or a creative workshop at school without having to clean up paint splatters afterwards? Our partner GraffitiKing makes it possible. With the Do It Yourself graffiti package, participants become the new king(s) of the graffiti scene. And because the group spends about 1 to 1,5 hours independently with the program, you as a teacher or parent can sit back and relax. This creative workshop is suitable for children from 4 years old. The DIY packages can be ordered via the GraffitiKing website.

Graffiti workshop videos

Watch some videos of graffiti workshops provided by us.

The graffiti workshop on location as a teambuilding activity.

Spray graffiti legally on a real train as a company outing.

The graffiti workshop as a creative outing during an anniversary.

FAQ and practical information

Practical information and frequently asked questions about our graffiti workshops.

  • What does a graffiti workshop cost?

    For arranging the graffiti workshop, a target price of EUR 10 excluding VAT is applicable for 650 participants (or fewer). Because the exact price depends on various factors such as the number of participants, group composition and location, we recommend that you request a price calculation without obligation via our Contact page. We are flexible and like to think along with you about the possibilities, even if you have a limited budget.

  • At which locations can the graffiti workshop be used?

    We provide our graffiti workshops mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium and can organize this workshop at a location of your choice or one of our locations take care of. We have various constructions with which we can create a work surface on location. When working on location, we naturally cover the necessary. The graffiti workshop can be given both indoors and outdoors as a stand-alone activity during a group or company outing, incentive or meeting break. A graffiti spraying workshop can also be used as an open walk-in activity during a trade fair, event or party.

  • How long does the workshop program last?

    In principle, the program of our creative workshops lasts 2 hours, but can be shortened if desired. When using a workshop as open walk-in activity during an event, fair or party, the duration is determined in consultation in advance and the activity can of course last longer than 2 hours.

  • Pregnancy and working with spray paint

    To our knowledge, there is no knowledge in medical science about possible negative effects on pregnancy when working with spray paint. There are many women who participate in our workshops despite their pregnancy, this is a choice that everyone has to make for themselves.

  • Minimum age to participate

    In connection with the safety to be guaranteed by us, we use a minimum age of 10 years for participation in this workshop. It is often not possible for most children younger than 10 years to press the caps (spray caps) in properly. This results in antics where there is a good chance that paint will get on the clothes or even in the eyes. Apart from the safety aspect, not being able to handle the materials will cause the necessary frustration, resulting in an unpleasant experience of the workshop.

  • Link a theme to the workshop?

    A theme, target, slogan, slogan or core value can be linked to this workshop program. Linking a theme is not necessary, but it gives the workshop more depth and strengthens the team building element. Our workshop teachers integrate the theme during the brainstorming moment and guide the participants in coming up with a creative concept for the artwork to be made together. There is also room during the evaluation for an explanation of how the theme has been incorporated into the artworks created.

  • How many supervisors are there during a workshop?

    During our creative workshops we deploy an average of one certified workshop teacher per 15 to 20 participants. Due to our large network of both local and international workshop facilitators, we are very flexible and we can usually schedule a local workshop facilitator in all parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. Our team has years of experience in providing quality team building workshops, so it is of course no problem to provide the workshop in English, French or German.

  • Our workshops and activities are available 24/7

    Our workshops and activities can be scheduled, at a time of your choice, 7 days a week. We also work every day of the year, including holidays and public holidays. Due to a usually very full schedule, it is advisable to take an option on the desired date well in advance without obligation so that availability can be guaranteed.

  • Is there a minimum or limit to the number of participants?

    The prices of our workshops are based on a minimum of 10 participants. It is possible to book a workshop with less than 10 people, but the price for 10 participants must be adhered to. There is no limit to the number of participants, we have the capacity to provide workshops for 1500 people (or more) at the same time.

  • Is this workshop suitable as a team building activity?

    During our creative workshops we work individually as well as in groups. The emphasis of all our workshop programs is on the joint creation of a work of art as the end result. Coming up with a concept based on a theme in a group and then developing it together into a creative work of art provides a strong team building element during our workshops. After the workshop, the jointly created artworks can be placed on the wall as a tangible reminder of the teambuilding activity.

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