In the graffiti workshop Rotterdam

We look forward to welcoming you to our street art and graffiti workshops at one of our locations in Rotterdam but a workshop at your location is of course also possible. Whether it is a company outing, incentive or a team building activity: we bring out the creativity in all participants!

It is often quite a challenge: to organize an original group or team outing that everyone likes and provides the necessary team building. Our workshops have all the ingredients for a successful company outing: creative collaboration during an original workshop with inspiring guides / artists at urban street-art locations! You learn the intricacies of graffiti technology and you create your own artwork together. Nice to hang on the wall at your home or office afterwards.

How does this team building workshop start?

First of all, our experienced workshop teachers welcome you. When you are one of our graffiti workshops in Rotterdam follows, our teachers will point out the use and safety of the materials. Rest assured, of course we take care of all materials, covering the room and the protective clothing.

After the introduction and introduction, we start with the basic techniques. All aspects of graffiti spraying are covered during this creative workshop. First of all, all participants individually practice the basic techniques in a program that consists of exercises that increase in difficulty. Later, a joint start is made with working out the ideas on a blank canvas. In advance, the teachers devise a creative concept with the entire group, possibly based on a theme, house style or image that you have suggested.

Create a graffiti artwork together

Are the graffiti artworks ready? Then our workshop supervisors evaluate the graffiti paintings made, whereby the groups themselves explain the idea behind the created work. This way everyone knows where the inspiration comes from the participants. After the graffiti workshop you can of course take the artwork with you to give it a place at home or at the office.

Unique workshop locations in Rotterdam

Our workshops graffiti spray Rotterdam are given at indoor and outdoor locations. We use various locations for our company outings, incentives and team building activities, most of which are suitable for very large groups, but a workshop on location is also possible. look at all the graffiti workshop locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Photos from our graffiti workshops

Graffiti workshop Nike Laakdal

Graffiti workshop Nike Laakdal

Atelier de graffiti Namur

Teambuilding outing FedEx

Graffiti team outing DHL

Graffiti company outing Antwerp

KMG spray graffiti in Hasselt

Why follow this creative workshop?

  • Tough / urban workshop locations in Rotterdam, or on location
  • Strong team building program, possibly based on a theme
  • Create works of art together that can be hung up immediately
  • A creative and tough experience, all this time
  • Suitable for small or large groups
  • 24 / 7

Graffitinetwerk has already organized many successful workshops for more than 5000 companies and groups. View examples in our portfolio or read customer reviews on our reviews page.

Learn more about our graffiti corporate suite in Rotterdam?

Would you also like to participate in one of ours? workshop graffiti in Rotterdam? The price of our creative workshops mainly depends on the number of participants. The location also partly influences the price because of the possible transport costs. Due to the wide variation in prices, we advise you to request a quote without obligation. Based on the number of participants and the desired location, we are happy to calculate a price for you without obligation. Contact us now and receive a response today. See you at one of our workshops!

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