Safety and conditions

Our creative workshops are given with great care.

We start every workshop with a clear explanation about the safety and use of our materials. Of course, if necessary, we cover everything well on location so that no unwanted mist remains. We have good company insurance, but luckily we have never had to use it since 1990. Participation in our workshops is always under your own responsibility.

Protective clothing

When choosing your clothing, we recommend that spray paint can be misted and difficult to remove from clothing. Each participant will of course receive protective equipment such as an apron, gloves, mouth cap, shoe and sleeve protection. If you follow our explanation about the use of the materials, there will be no paint on your clothing.

Minimum age

We use a minimum age of 10 for participating in our workshops. This in connection with safety and a good experience of the workshop. It is not possible for most children under the age of 10 to press the caps / nozzles properly. This results in all kinds of antics where there is a good chance that paint will be spilled or get onto clothing or eyes.

Pregnancy and spray paint

There is no knowledge in medical science about possible negative effects on pregnancy when working with spray paint. There are many women who participate in our workshops despite their pregnancy, this is a choice that everyone makes for themselves.

Professional guidance

To guarantee the quality of our workshops, we only work with workshop teachers and supervisors with at least ten years of experience. Our workshop teachers follow our internal training courses and are extensively tested for the qualities that are required for providing high-quality (team building) workshops.

Water-based spray paint

When we provide a workshop on location, we usually do this with water-based spray cans. The characteristic paint smell is a thing of the past thanks to the specially developed spray cans, which are virtually odorless. Another advantage of this unique product is that when the paint comes on clothing, shoes or the ground, for example, it can be removed immediately with (tap) water.

Only the best materials

We use only the best materials that meet the most current environmental requirements. Our spray cans are produced in Europe and are equipped with a 'low pressure' system, which ensures little spray mist during work. The paint smell is also minimized.

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