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Rain advertising

Rain advertising is an environmentally friendly way of outdoor advertising that uses rain water. In contrast to the reverse graffiti expressions, the rain advertisement is only visible if it rains or has rained. The expression disappears on its own as the ground dries up. A rain advertising campaign remains visible on average 2 months in case of rainfall. Together with you we determine where the campaign can be applied. Based on the objective and the size of the area, we determine the number of places. It is advisable to keep the advertisement clear and compact so that it is clear at 1 glance. On average, there is 800mm of precipitation in the Netherlands every year, we gratefully make use of it with the rain signs!

Sustainable street advertising

A street advertising campaign carried out with the rain advertising method gives your brand a creative and sustainable appearance, after all, only one template is made with which we can place an unlimited number of prints. This innovative way of outdoor communication is completely CO2 neutral.

Employability: Rain advertising campaigns are often used for weather related promotions, brands or products, such as providers of (sun) vacations, winter tires, umbrella etc.

Practical information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our rain advertisement.


A rain advertisement cannot be executed in color, the surface determines the color.

Visibility duration

Depending on the substrate, the lifespan of a rain advertisement is 1 to 12 weeks.


We usually use a ± 1,25m2 template for a rain advertising campaign.


These actions can be carried out if the surface is not damp, frozen or snowy.

Work area

We take care of rain advertising campaigns at any location you choose in the Benelux or beyond.

24 / 7 available

A rain advertising promotion can be scheduled 7 days a week, the export usually takes place at night.

All inclusive

Of course we take care of all materials and take photos of the posted messages.

Production time

The preparation time for a rain advertising campaign is on average 7 working days, rush is possible.


Rain advertising falls under the so-called 'guerrilla marketing', we do not apply for a permit.

Rain advertising videos

View a few short films of rain advertising campaigns that we provided.

Rain advertising campaign Municipality Amsterdam.

AVRO Street-art month - Reverse graffiti.

Rain advertising or reverse graffiti?

An alternative to the use of rain advertising is the placement of reverse graffiti expressions. Reverse graffiti and rain advertisement are very similar visually. The big difference between the two is that reverse graffiti expressions are always visible and not only visible in the rain. With the reverse graffiti technique, we spray hot water with high pressure through a template so that we selectively spray part of the street. The contrast that we create on the street with this creates a visible image and / or text. Reversed graffiti advertising is not harmful to the environment and is carried out by us in a CO₂ neutral way.

Regulations concerning guerrilla marketing

Rain advertising falls in gray areas in terms of laws and regulations. It is therefore generally not possible to opt for this form of guerrilla marketing to apply for a permit. A subtle and thoughtful approach to implementation is necessary to prevent possible complaints. We are of course specialized in this and can make a good estimate of the (im) possibilities in advance. When the action is used for (or in consultation with) a city, municipality or province, or around a common or public goal, it is sometimes possible to request permission or a permit.

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