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Original outdoor advertising


From 1450, - Euro

Work area

Entire Benelux


Interactive creations

Laser graffiti

With our laser graffiti application can be temporarily written and drawn on almost any building or object in the dark. With special laser pens, we create shapes and texts, sometimes from more than 100 meters away, to bring your message to the attention of your target group in a spectacular way.

The laser graffiti can be used as guerrilla marketing, outdoor advertising, brand activation or PR stunt, for example to promote a product or event. It is also possible to have the audience draw themselves with the laser graffiti technique so that an interactive experience is created. Our promotion team can immediately distribute your information to curious passers-by.

Laser tagging

Laser graffiti is best seen when it is dark, so these actions are always performed in the evenings. The laser graffiti, sometimes too laser tag mentioned, unlike wild beaming, cannot be used while driving. It is also not possible to project in a vacuum, there must always be a surface available on which to project.

Use laser graffiti?

With our laser graffiti application we can make temporary line drawings on buildings and objects that disappear after the projector has been switched off.

Practical Information

View the practical information and frequently asked questions about our laser graffiti campaigns.


These actions can be carried out throughout the year, whatever the weather.

Work area

We take care of the laser graffiti at any location in the Benelux or beyond.

available 24/7

The laser graffiti can be scheduled 7 days a week, but it must be dark during the execution.


Laser graffiti does not work in a vacuum or on a glass surface.


The maximum format is approximately 1000m2, but this depends on the possible distance to the object.


The creations are made to measure and can be executed in different colors.

All inclusive

Of course we take care of all materials and take photos during the project.

Production time

The preparation time for a laser graffiti campaign is on average 7 working days, rush is possible.


Laser graffiti falls under the so-called 'guerrilla marketing', we do not apply for a license.

Laser-graffiti films

View here a few videos of our laser-graffiti campaigns.

Laser graffiti for XS4ALL commercial.

Laser texts for the Municipality of The Hague.

Laser tagging campaign for Robin Mobile.

Laser and logo projections

Laser projections are the perfect means to make logos, texts and advertisements clearly visible from a great distance in the dark. A laser projection must always take place on a building or object, unfortunately making a projection visible in a vacuum is not possible. A projection can be done in many colors, so we can convert any logo and image into a projectable visual. With our laser projections you inform and amuse your target audience in a spectacular and striking way without burdening the environment. We also provide permanent projections on (company) buildings as well as spectacular ones laser shows during anniversaries, presentations, company parties and events. We would like to design the most effective projection together with you.

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