The graffiti workshop: the 'what' and 'how' explained in this blog

The term 'graffiti workshop' is increasingly used, both in a business context and during private meetings. But what are the options? And what do you actually do during a graffiti workshop? In this blog we explain it to you.

What are the options for the graffiti workshop?

Do you want to organize a creative team or department outing? Shaping a team building activity? Want to insert an original meeting break? Then a graffiti workshop is the ideal way to spend time. But there are also other - perhaps less well-known - cases in which you can use the graffiti workshop: as side entertainment during an event or as a creative incentive program, for example. In addition, there are individuals who choose this activity to have fun with their bachelor party.

Why the graffiti workshop is so versatile? Simple: creativity always works well and the activity is 'mobile'. Graffitinetwerk For example, regularly organizes workshops at home and abroad, both at our own locations and at those of our customers. We also ensure that the space is properly covered. We naturally take the necessary materials and protective clothing for participants with us.

The graffiti painting workshop in a nutshell

Curious what will be discussed during our creative team building workshops? To give you an idea, we will briefly discuss our program here. Please follow one of our graffiti workshops, an experienced teacher will first explain the safety and use of the materials. Once all participants have put on the protective clothing, we usually take a group photo. Then we split the group into smaller groups and we start with the graffiti workshop. The individual program consists of a series of challenging exercises that increase in difficulty each time. This is how you learn step by step!

When the basic techniques are practiced individually, the participants create a joint work of art on blank canvases. These are stretched on a stretcher. After a day of spraying graffiti, the artworks created definitely deserve a place within your company walls or in your home.

After the spray graffiti workshop we evaluate the created work. Each group tells the rest of the team how they came up with the creation and what the idea behind the artwork is. Usually one of our teachers also gives his or her vision on the work that has been made.

Examples of our graffiti workshops

Graffiti workshop Nike Laakdal

Graffiti workshop Nike Laakdal

Atelier de graffiti Namur

Teambuilding outing FedEx

Graffiti team outing DHL

Graffiti company outing Antwerp

KMG spray graffiti in Hasselt

Spray graffiti together under the guidance of a professional?

Graffitinetwerk organized the very first in 2005 graffiti workshop as a company outing for the business market in the Benelux. A real first! Since then, our team of more than 30 graffiti experts has been providing graffiti workshops almost every day - as a company outing, team building activity, incentive, meeting break or group outing.

Do you want to learn the tricks of the trade with a team or group? Our (inter) national artists, artists and all-round creatives are happy to help you. They master the art of spraying graffiti to perfection. From Graffitinetwerk they regularly create artworks for companies, government and private individuals. Please contact us to discuss the options.

What does a graffiti workshop cost?

The price of our creative workshops mainly depends on the number of participants. The location also partly influences the price because of the possible transport costs. Due to the wide variation in prices, we advise you to request a quote without obligation for your workshop. We can then calculate a price for you based on the number of participants and the desired location. Contact us now and receive a response today.

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