Have a graffiti artwork made?

Do you want have graffiti art made to enrich your interior, office building, children's room, outside wall or a public space? Then choose Graffitinetwerk, the international street art company with only the best graffiti and street art artists.

From complete graffiti murals, decorations, live painting, demonstrations to a photo-realistic street art portrait or painting; with us you can graffiti art have it copied in all imaginable styles and types! We are always open to challenges and no idea is too crazy for us.

Having a graffiti art mural made at the office or at home is the way to give your interior a personal and unique character.

Graffiti art as a mural

A graffiti wall painting nowadays having it made is the best way to give a building, office building or interior a completely 'individual' character. From real street art to almost classical paintings or graceful letter art; Having a graffiti wall painting can be done in many ways.

The famous graffiti painting is particularly popular in the advertising world. With such a striking setting you create a lot of attention. That is why many companies use our murals have it made for, for example, an exhibition stand, in a shop or restaurant or on the outside of a commercial building.

Our graffiti paintings are also very popular as decoration for children's rooms, living rooms and on garden walls or garage doors. A mural is completely tailored to your wishes and the further design.

Unique street art portraits

Would you like to have a portrait made, but just that little bit differently? Then choose a custom made one street art portrait. With us you can have a portrait made in the style and size you want. From a life-size photo-realistic portrait on your wall to a smaller portrait on canvas in pop art or 'Banksy' style.

With our versatile mix of talented graffiti artists In our team we always have the right creative to make your wish a reality. Have graffiti art made? We would love to hear it if you are one of ours artists want to hire.

Also nice: you can also use one graffiti portrait made on canvas or canvas for someone else as a gift. You provide us with a good photo and describe your wishes, we provide a fantastic and also unique portrait as the end result.

Graffiti painting with portrait

Graffiti painting with portrait

Have a graffiti painting made?

Don't you want lasting graffiti painting on your wall? Then we can make the artwork on a painting. An artwork on canvas has the advantage that you can easily move it. Are you moving or do you want to adjust the layout of your interior? Then you simply make it graffiti painting from the wall and hang it somewhere else.

Nothing is more fun than an original interior with cool art that you will not see anywhere else. Having a graffiti painting made is the way to give your interior a personal and unique character. Do you choose a painting that typifies your passion and lifestyle or do you want to convert your favorite scene into beautiful artwork on canvas?

The choice is entirely up to you. You can also have a street art painting made as a business or personal gift. An original gift that the recipient will not soon forget.

A graffiti painting having it made on canvas is also a popular choice among parents who want to surprise their child with a special bedroom decoration. From favorite hobbies or holiday destinations to special scenes such as the jungle, space or of course around your idol or superhero; we are happy to make a 'one of a kind' wall painting for your little adventurer!

Examples of our paintings

Some photos to give an idea of ​​the possibilities of our paintings and decorations. View our extensive portfolio for more examples of graffiti art.

What does it cost to have graffiti made?

The price for having a work of art depends, among other things, on the type graffiti style you choose. The format also partly influences the price; if you choose a mural that covers the entire wall, or only part of the wall may be worked on.

The difficulty of the assignment, together with the size and location / place, plays the most important role in determining the price. Due to the wide variation in prices, we advise you to request a quote without obligation. Based on your wishes, we can then calculate a target price for your mural.

Contact us now and receive information, advice or a price calculation today.

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