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Graffiti Network is thé international graffiti company with a professional team of only the best graffiti artists. We are leader in the Benelux since 1990 and set the trend in the commercial world of graffiti. We provide creative workshops, unique paintings and striking street advertising.

Graffiti stimulates the feeling for shape, colour and creativity. The graffiti workshops act as a source of inspiration for the participants. We provide a unique activity, where creativity and teambuilding come first, at your location or at one of our locations. We work in the whole of the Netherlands and abroad. Furthermore we provide colourful wall and advertising paintings on inside and outside walls. Especially for you, we create a customized painting in your desired colours and size. Possibly based on a corporate identity, logo, photo, name or brand, or designed as anti-graffiti. Graffiti Network provides street and outdoor advertising with impact.


The graffiti workshop is original, creative and totally of this time! After the basic techniques are practiced individually, a theme, logo, slogan or tagline can be worked out together on blank canvas paintings. After the workshop we evaluate the work from each team/ group. The paintings you made may be given a place within the company or at home, after the workshop.

Street-art workshops

The street-art workshop begins with a brief explanation of the history, followed by a demonstration in which we talk through the possibilities and techniques. After the brainstorming session you will make your own or more templates, this template will be the basis of your artwork. Of course we also provide a comprehensive set of basic templates and letters for making your own statement, quote, poem or sentiment speak. It is possible to combine image, text and colour and create a unique work of art with a strongly suggestive result.

Light-painting workshops

The light graffiti workshop is new and super cool! Create your own piece of art with lights, set the colour, shape and size all yourself. Write your name, draw your own silhouette, give yourself wings, draw a car, animal or shape, with light graffiti you can make anything.

Workshop locations

We provide our workshops mainly in the Benelux. We can organize the workshop at a location by your choice or at one of our locations. The workshop can be given indoors or outdoors as an independent activity or as part of a big event or party. We have several constructions to create a work surface at the location, of course we would cover the area well.

Graffiti murals and paintings

A unique wall, advertisement or realistic mural at your location? We design murals especially for you, customized in the desired colour blends and size. Possibly based on a corporate identity, logo, atmospheric image, name, product or image. Those are our murals! We work on both interior and exterior walls. On interior walls we often create commercial advertisements and atmospheric murals. Our murals are often used to decorate clothes shops, company rooms and offices, restaurants, swimming pools, (sport) schools and presentation rooms. We also work on exterior walls. A sprayed wall, shutter or sidewall does not just look neat but act as an excellent advertisement for your company. Our murals are unique eye catchers

Graffiti demonstrations and live painting

We provide graffiti demonstrations and live painting during product presentations, (business) events, parties, exhibitions and branch days. We could create a mural with a theme in style of the event, the logo of your company, a product or service or with input from the guests. A graffiti demonstration is inspiring and fun to watch, the picture grows during the event and the end result is unique! We bring your expression to live in a creative and colourful way!

Digiffiti: the digital graffiti wall

We create digital graffiti-artwork for your clients and associates during an event or party. Customize your brand or product with our digital graffiti wall in a unique way! Digiffiti is a interactive multi-user application, which provides you with digital graffiti on a large screen. The created artwork is automatically saved and sent per e-mail. An additional option would be to print the created artwork on glossy paper during the event already, to take home for the customer. A unique and original addition during your event or party! Digiffiti, digital graffiti without the smell and haze of paint.

Reverse graffiti, high impact street advertising!

Reverse graffiti can be used as a form of advertising where, with the help of a template, water and a special high pressure cleaner, a logo, word, phrase or image can be applied to the pavement or a wall. The result being a distinctive advertisement and a cleaner street. With reverse graffiti, also called clean graffiti or green graffiti, you can express messages in places where traditional outdoor media are not fully usable. Think of busy shopping streets, railway stations, bus and tram stops, cash machines and at crossing places. The effect of this technique remains, depending on the background, visible for at least four weeks.

Chalk advertising

A street campaign could also be done with chalk paint. With this technique we can, like with reverse graffiti, make the logos, texts and images visible, only now with temporary chalk paint. The chalk paint is practically the same as street chalk, it just remains slightly longer. The chalk expressions can also be applied in colour, only the primary colours are available for this purpose. The chalk paint dissolves by it self again after three weeks, depending on the place, wearing of and rainfall. It is also possible that we remove the expressions after a agreed period of time.


We provide 2D and 3D streetpaintings and give demonstrations with soft pastel, pigment and chalk paint. We can imitate a logo, word or image exactly in a 2D street drawing. A 2D street drawing looks the same from every angel. A 3D drawing is often used to create an optical illusion with perspective and depth. At the correct angel the 3D drawing shows for example, a lifelike swimming pool, a hole in the ground or a realistic 3D object.

Laser graffiti

You can write or draw on almost any building or object with our laser graffiti application! The laser graffiti could be used as a guerrilla campaign or PR stunt, for example to promote a brand, product or event. With special laser pens we create shapes and texts to bring your message to the attention of your target group in a spectacular way.

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We hope to give you an impression of our activities and services through our website. Of course, we are always prepared to discuss your requirements, ideas or questions with you. You can contact Graffiti Network by email of by phone: +31 88 4723348.

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More about graffiti

The phenomenon of leaving your name behind already exists for centuries. This phenomenon, now called graffiti, appears all over the world. Around 1970 a new kind of graffiti came up in the big American cities. This grew out from a alternative way of communicating on the streets into a real art form. When you hear the word graffiti, you may be thinking of street pollution, slogans on bins, and messy texts on walls. Graffiti can indeed cause a nuisance, which turns it in a form of vandalism. But graffiti is also seen as an art form by a lot of people, which nowadays can be used for communication and team building purposes. More about the history of graffiti

Meaning and pronunciation of the word graffiti

The word “graffiti” means “scratches” and is the plural of graffito, the diminutive of graffio (scratch). This comes from the Latin word graffiare (to scratch) which stems from the Greek verb grapho (to inscribe, write, engrave). Graffiti is pronounced as graf-fi-ti. The emphasis is on the second syllable. In the Netherlands it is often pronounced as “gref-fi-ty”, which sounds like gravity. Graffiti on Wikipedia